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Youtube Ads Management

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world – imagine the opportunity this brings to your business! Our YouTube Ads Management service gives your business a solid presence on this extremely popular platform, managing and optimising your ads to drive traffic, sales and conversions to your website.

What Are The Benefits?

If you don’t utilise YouTube for your promotional campaigns, you’ll miss out on engaging with over 1.3 Billion consumers – that’s more than 70% of all internet traffic! How much of this traffic are you currently sending to your website? YouTube Ads are a very cost-effective strategy for promoting your business, capturing the attention of consumers and targeting them based on their demographics, interests and the type of videos they view. A diverse social media advertising campaign that includes Facebook, Instagram and YouTube can significantly improve your traffic, conversions and your return on investment.

Who Can Benefit?

Businesses that wants to increase their target audience and bring in more targeted traffic and conversions can benefit from using YouTube Ads. Small businesses on limited budgets don’t have to break the bank to run YouTube ads, as they are very cost effective and offer a significant return on investment. No idea how to create YouTube ads for your business? Let our YouTube experts take over the reins and manage your YouTube ads for you!

How Does It Work

Our YouTube experts learn about your business and your goals and determine whether YouTube Pre Roll Ads or YouTube Discovery Ads are going to be right for you. Since you need a Google Ads account to advertise on YouTube, we’ll create your Google Ads account and link it to your YouTube account. We can even use your Google Ads campaigns to promote YouTube videos on your channel! Conversion tracking is set up to gather data and stats on your YouTube ad campaigns and we continually optimise and test your campaigns to achieve the greatest conversions and return on investment for your business. There are display ads and in-stream ads on YouTube. As part of our YouTube Ads management, we will discuss the different types of ads with you to select the ones that will best achieve your goals.

Our Experienced Team Will

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Change Your Budget Anytime

You Own The Account

Detailed Financial Reports

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