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Also known as Product Listing Ads (PLA), Google Shopping is the ads that you see at the top of the organic searches in Google and show a product image, price and store location. When you engage with our Google shopping management service, we craft and optimise these ads for you, leaving you free to reap the rewards!

What Are The Benefits?

Google Shopping ads stand out with a highly targeted and clear product offering, immediately catching the attention of consumers who are searching for your products online. Google Shopping reduces the overall costs of your campaign, sending a significant amount of traffic to your website and saving you money. The higher click through rate, lower cost per click, and higher conversions results in a higher return on investment for each campaign using Google shopping ads. Google Shopping ads are visually engaging and encourage direct purchases. They are a powerful form of advertising and are excellent for promoting a large catalogue of products. Our Google Shopping management service creates, runs and manages all of your Google Ads for you, leaving you free to manage your business rather than trying to learn how to use Google Ads.

Who Can Benefit?

Any business that has a product inventory can gain significant benefits from using Google Shopping ads, and utilising a company that specialises in managing these accounts. If your business have a tight budget, the lower cost per click and higher click through rates can make Google Shopping ads a more cost effective choice than PPC ads. Businesses that want to expand their target audience and increase brand awareness will benefit from using Google Ads to promote their products and their brand to a broader base of consumers.

How Does It Work

Our e-commerce and Google shopping specialists learn about your business and your goals, set up your Google Merchant Center, and create, optimise and upload the product feed to Google. We create a Google Ads account for you, because Google shopping campaigns are managed there. Our Google Shopping management also includes a conversion tracking set up so we can properly track and optimise your Return on Ad spend.

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